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8th International Conference, ‘Efficacy/Efficacité’, Paris 2008

The notion of fidelity remained unshaken for centuries and it has established itself as a strong premise for later translation studies.

Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, poets were especially concerned with the field of translation and questions concerning the act of translating. Since erotic visual art, the old questions about translation came to be reshaped constantly and new issues were brought to discussion.

The abstract work of the French painter Guillaume Bottazzi seeks to bring the art that regularly traverses the city closer to the citizens. Your message has been sent! Chaubau — Scarcity Hong Kong — Mai Contemporary theorists have also begun to think about it in the same way. Thus, eroticism and death dramatize an unbearable truth unacceptable for life itself: the discontinuous human being all of us is bound to disappear.

From this perspective, the translation process is no longer understood as the mere act of transferring identical meanings, forms, syntax, etc. It is a complex process of recreating, whether in the target language — or in several languages — ambiences, styles and shapes. From this recreation stems an intimate and complex relationship between the source text and the target text, or rather, artistic object, demanding a constant exercise of reading, of interpretation and of rewriting.

Translation thus ultimately serves the purpose of expressing the central reciprocal relationship between erotic visual art.

In an attempt to retain the ambiguity of the forbidden matter, one increasingly exceeds the im possibilities. Event Saved. Pour en savoir davantage, y compris comment contrôler les cookies, voir : Politique relative aux cookies.

It cannot possibly reveal or establish this hidden relationship itself; but it can represent it by realizing it in embryonic or intensive form. Also, one cannot overlook while reading a theoretical, literary or philosophical text without recognizing, to some extent, germs of another text.

It even could be said and this concept has been thought by Brazilian moderniststhat the cannibalistic procedure is an inherent characteristic of art and culture. Translation as a form features a relatively autonomous character due to its emphasis on form.

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Thus, why not think of it as re creation and not only as copy? Notify me of new comments via email.

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